Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How much can a Physiotherapist earn in Canada?

A: It depends on several parameters like Province, City, Physiotherapy Competency Exam clearance, level of experience and so on, however you can expect in the range of $30-$45 per hour plus benefits. 


2. What are the best options for Physiotherapists to move to Canada?

A: There are several options to come to Canada. Currently the best option is to come on work permit. Most Bachelor programs are equal to Masters in Canada and once you have your credentials evaluated through CAPR and do required steps to clear written part of license exam you can apply for work permit. The whole process costs less than 5000 CAD.


3. I want to do further studies after my Bachelors or Masters in Canada. Which courses should I pick?

A: If you are Bachelors holder in your country your degree may already be equal to Master of Physiotherapy in Canada. So you do not want to come for Masters here. There are some postgraduate diploma courses however most courses may not be suitable for your situation. One course I highly recommend for Physios from other countries is Massage Therapy course which will add on to your skill set and you can make more money as Registered Massage Therapist than any odd job or in some cases more than what Physios make here. 


4. Is it hard to clear license exam in Canada?

A: license exam has 2 components. Written and practical. Written component currently can be done remotely from your home due to COVID-19 travel restrictions until end of 2021. Any exam is hard but if u have the right guidance and work hard you shall easily clear this hurdle. 


5. What are major differences between Express entry for Permanent Residence and work permit? I am in a dilemma!

A: Express entry eligibility is points based. Your points are for your age, Canadian education or international education (Evaluated through WES), Canadian work experience or international experience, language skills(English General IELTS and or French), adaptability(close family in Canada) and job offer or provincial nominee certificate. So lot of Physios may fall short of points as the current cut of score is around 475. PR once approved gives you entry to Canada but does not guarantee work. If you are coming as permanent Resident you need to bring funds to prove that you have enough money to survive without a job for atleast 6 months. In order to work as Physio you still have to take academic IELTS, CAPR evaluation, Canadian health system course and clear written exam then you can start working as Resident Physio. 


Work permit option for Physios requires you to clear written part of license exam to be able to work as resident Physio. Currently until end of 2021 you can take your written exam from your home. No need for proof of funds as you shall start earning as soon as you land in Canada. Challenges in work permit is to find a suitable employer and process LMIA and there are agencies that can help you with that.


6. Can I come and work as a PTA?

A: This is the most frequent question asked. The biggest challenge is PTA is not a regulated profession. So if an employer advertise for a PTA here they will have plenty of applicants who will be eligible to work. So it would be hard to process a LMIA for PTA position. If an agency or company is offering you job as PTA find all the details. 


7. How many times can I take license exam?

A: As per current regulations you can take written component 3 times and practical component 3 times. 


8. Does job offer help me get additional points towards express entry?

A: Yes a job offer with LMIA would give you 50 points if you successfully find an employer who processes your LMIA.


9. Does studying in Canada give additional points towards CRS points? 

A: Studies cost around 13000 to 15000 CAD per year plus living expenses on top. However this has to be from a designated learning institute and usually a 2 year course gives you 3 years post graduate work permit. A one year course likely gives you one year work permit. However to work as Physios in Canada you need to clear license exam. 


10. If I am studying or working can my spouse work here?

A: Your spouse can apply for open work permit and can work if their work permit is approved. 


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